January 27

Outdoor Laser Lighting Adds a “Wow” for Special Events

As many folks for whom we have worked or who follow us in the landscape lighting business know, we have always taken outdoor lighting very seriously,  creating subtle and elegant scenes at night by tastefully illuminating homes, landscapes, decks, patios, pool areas and just about anything else you can imagine. Our principal objective in landscape lighting and architectural accent lighting has always been, “Don’t overdo it”. Until now!

Every once in a while, something comes along that causes us to say “WOW! We can really have some fun with this!”  This past Saturday night we had our 3rd annual “We Hate Winter Party” at our home (seems like a novel and timely idea, especially for those in the Northeast experiencing “Snowmageddon”, the blizzard of all blizzards this week).  In preparation for the party, we added decorative outdoor laser lighting to illuminate large oak, poplar and evergreen trees in our yard, as well as indoor Laser Lighting to illuminate our great room ceiling. This created a much more festive party experience for all in attendance.

Upon arriving, many of our guests wanted to know how I got these little green and blue twinkle lights 50’-100’ or more up in canopies and on branches of our trees. Once I told them the secret of just plugging in laser lights on the ground into an outlet or extension cord, many immediately said, “I have to have some of these! Can you get me some?”

The laser lights we used are specifically designed for this purpose and can create amazing lighting effects for parties, weddings, the holidays, or just about any special occasion, maybe even for everyday use if you are so inclined. They are particularly interesting in lighting up trees, even this time of year when the trees have no leaves, in or around pool areas, ceilings of a room inside the home or to illuminate some special feature in or around the yard. And for some, they can even replace the burden of setting up holiday lighting. Check out the photos below and let us know what you think by sending your comments to us at outdoorlightingdesigners@gmail.com or through our website at www.OutdoorLightingExpressions.com. We have included some “before” and “after” pictures to give you an idea of the effect these laser lights can create. Keep in mind that the photos below do not do the lights justice. We are amateur photographers and you can be sure the effects are much more impressive in person.

We haven’t had any real snow to talk about this winter in Virginia. I am sure our time will come before winter is over. I personally can’t wait for a snow storm to try these out to see twinkling green and blue snowflakes falling from the sky or ice and snow up in the trees. If it’s all the same, I think I’ll pass on trying them in a blizzard though.

Porch Ceiling with Laser Lighting

Room Before Laser Lighting

Room with Green Laser Lighting

Room with Green and Blue Laser Lighting

Oak Trees with Laser Lighting

Oak Trees with Green and Blue Laser Lighting


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